Watch These Valentine’s Day Movies on Netflix!

Table of Contents

  1. Single All the Way
  2. The Holiday
  3. When We First Met
  4. The Twilight Saga
  5. Someone Great
  6. Always Be My Maybe
  7. Gerald’s Game
  8. Final Thought

Netflix has a huge library of its own originals, some classics, and some other movies that are meant for Valentine’s Day. Couples, friends, and families can sit together to watch many different movies fit for the occasion. It can be a good way to cuddle up and spend some quality time together by streaming Netflix movies. Make sure you are subscribed to AT&T Internet so that your streaming experience is not disturbed by glitchy streaming and constant buffering. AT&T Internet prices are suitable for family homes where you need to run marathons of your favorite movies on Valentine’s Day.

Single All the Way

A rom-com is the perfect way to spend your Valentine’s Day. This genre is light, fun, and sometimes even relatable. While there are a lot of options for straight couples, the options are limited for gay couples. Inclusivity is still a relatively new concept, so there are only a handful of Valentine’s Day movies that cater to that audience. This is why Single All The Way is such a huge hit. It revolves around gay leads, who fall in love in the most unexpected ways. It is all about the fear of judgment due to being single in holiday seasons, and much more. It is fun, quirky, and doesn’t take itself too seriously.

The Holiday

The Holiday is a classic. It is more of a holiday season movie but is also good enough for watching before or on Valentine’s Day. Its romantic aspect might just get you in the mood. It is about two women going through bad breakups, swapping their whereabouts for a getaway, not knowing what to expect. The leads in the movie are Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, so you can expect yourself to stay hooked on to the movie without fail. There is lots of natural acting to expect, with some predictability in the plot. But that is the simplicity of the movie that everyone tends to enjoy!

When We First Met

This is another rom-com, fantasy movie by Netflix released in 2018. The movie’s leads are Adam Devine and Alexandra Daddario. The movie takes a very unique approach towards depicting a love story between the two, where the guy gets badly “friend zoned” and finds no solution other than to take help from time travel. The movie is very lighthearted, and perfect for everyone including couples, friends, families!

The Twilight Saga

Ever since the release of The Twilight in 2008, the whole film series has made a huge fanbase globally. It is one of the most renowned fantasy film series that are based on novels. Everyone knows the film stars are Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. With remarkable performances and a unique plot, the Twilight Saga can be a good way to spend your valentine’s night with your partner. It can also be nostalgic if you have already watched and re-watched the movies!

Someone Great

Singles might feel the need for a friend’s night together the most during Valentine’s Day. For a wholesome movie that does not revolve around only finding love in someone else and more about finding love in other relationships of your life, Someone Great is the perfect watch. It is best if you and your girls want to sit together, get some drinks, eat some popcorn and also watch a movie that they can relate to. The movie’s plot revolves around female friendships, realistic characters, real life-like breakups, and much more.

Always Be My Maybe

Always Be My Maybe is a very different take on past breakups and exes. It is about giving chances to people and accepting the reality that people do change for the better. The story is about two childhood sweethearts who have not spoken to one another in 15 years after breaking up. However, things take an unexpected turn when they cross each other’s paths as adults, and discover their true feelings for each other. The movie might be a little cliché, and not for those looking for the unexpected and unpredictable. It is, however, a good one-time watch.

Gerald’s Game

Let’s finish off the list with a not-so-romantic comedy movie. Gerald’s Game is a thriller mystery that is based on Stephen King’s novel that goes by the same name. The movie is about a married couple, and how their attempt to “spice things up” backfires and turns their world upside down. With the wife remaining handcuffed to the bed and the husband dead, the movie will keep you on your toes without fail.

Final Thought

You have a long list of Valentine’s movies to catch up with. Just make sure you have subscribed to AT&T bundles, so you can stream Netflix without worrying about exceeding your data allowance or taking up all the bandwidth. Netflix already has multiple plans and subscriptions to cater to different people and their use. So get set before the V-day is already here!