Revealed, the Cause China’s Technology Can Catch Up to the US

Efforts to achieve world technology supremacy now also involve China, making the United States worried, the proof is that they have blocked Huawei and TikTok. What is the key so that the formerly nothing China can catch up quickly?

According to former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, one of the main reasons is China’s insane funding of technology research and development. For now, Eric thinks US technology is still superior, but China is closing the gap quickly.

“There is a real focus in China when it comes to discovering and creating new artificial intelligence techniques. In the race to publish scientific findings, China is catching up,” said Schmidt.

According to the World Economic Forum data, China has even replaced the US as the top research publisher in science and engineering in 2018. Companies such as Huawei have budgeted USD 20 billion for research and development, one of the highest in the world.

So, it’s no wonder that US …