Apple Wants Future iPhone Batteries Made From Hydrogen Fuel Cells

One of the disadvantages of current battery technology is that it does not last long. A smartphone or laptop that can last all day with only one battery recharge is the best. Well, Apple might just make its iPhone and MacBook batteries in the future more durable with new types of batteries.

In the latest patent reported by AppleInsider, Wednesday (30/09/2020) it appears that Apple is trying out the idea of ​​using hydrogen fuel cells to power iPhones and MacBook laptops. Apple touched on the environmental problems arising from the use of current battery technology, and the advantages of hydrogen fuel cells as a solution.

“Our country’s continued dependence on fossil fuels has forced our government to maintain a complicated and unstable political and military relationship with the Middle East. It also poses a danger to coastlines and society, regarding offshore drilling,” said Apple.

In a statement, Apple also said that hydrogen fuel cells for batteries have a number of advantages. These fuel cells have the potential to achieve high volumetric and gravimetric energy densities. This advantage allows electronic devices to last for days, even weeks.

Unfortunately, there is no more detailed information regarding this patent. Is Apple really going to make it happen? Not known. Given that this is only a patent, it is difficult to guess when this battery technology will materialize.

But at least, imagining that your iPhone, iPad, or MacBook can last for days with just one battery charge sounds fun. Hopefully, Apple will make it happen soon.